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talk shows
As a celebrity guest watch Bhargavi talk about her personal life, TV shows, movies, social issues etc. It’s a delight to see her entertain the viewers with her lively spirit & comments which are unique, refreshing & inspirational.
Khupte Tithe Gupte Season 2
Zee Marathi | Jan 18, 2013

Bhargavi was one of the invited guests on this show in its 2nd Season. Her frank comments about atrocities on female characters, depicted in some of the serials was interesting and insightful.
Bhanda Saukhya Bhare
Star Pravah | June 04, 2012

Bhargavi’s simplicity and modesty on the reality show and her bonding with her mother-in-law and husband was loved by the audience!
Home Minister Swapna Gruh Lakshmiche
Zee Marathi | Feb 12, 2012

It was an enjoyable experience for Bhargavi and her family to be a part of such a popular show, while viewers loved getting a glimpse of Bhargavi's family.